Banner XE Faculty Grading

Faculty Grade Entry Training and Support

The training web page has videos, job aids, contact, and help and support information.

Faculty Grading Background:

The Office of the Registrar, Office of Student Systems Services and ACCC have been working together on the various components of Faculty Grading.

We are pleased to announce a new Grading Module called Banner XE Faculty Grading. Ellucian (aka Banner) released the latest version of the module recently. The new Banner XE Faculty Grading Module was tested with a pilot group of Faculty for Fall 2014 mid-term grading. We used the new stystem for Fall 2014 final grading. We will continue to run both the old and new versions (Banner 8 and XE) of faculty grading for the near future.

Banner XE New Features: There are many new features in the new XE process. The new features include:

  1. Excel Spreadsheet Grade Load
    1. Any Excel spreadsheet can be used. You must have specific column headings or map your columns. You can load grades multiple times if there are errors. The program will only load the changes.
    2. Blackboard Features: You have the ability to create the export spreadsheet in Blackboard by going to Course Tools -> Export Grades. The export creates an Excel Spreadsheet with the proper column headings for mid-term or final grade entry.
    3. Grade Export: You can export a list of your grades from XE, or you can export an empty spreadsheet to use as an import spreadsheet.
    4. Error Validation: An error validation report is created prior to the actual grade load into XE. You have the option to load the grades that are valid. All invalid grades will not load.
  2. Manual Grade Entry
    1. This process is easier using the new functionality. You no longer have to have all of the grades on the page to be correct before they are saved. The new version will load all valid grades and mark invalid grades.
    2. Grade Validation occurs at the time of entry. The system will highlight all invalid grades as they are entered.
  3. Overall Functionality
    1. Instructor can set the number of grades that display on a web page.
    2. Only the sections that are gradable will be displayed.
    3. Easy to identify status bar which displays the progress and completion of sections that are to be graded.
    4. All sections are displayed on one page.
    5. After selecting a section, you will see how many grades have been submitted.