Undergraduate Student Intent To Enroll Instructions

Undergraduate Special Alert: If you are unable to resolve a netid issue or submit your intent to enroll and the deadline is approaching, you need to either fax or mail your Intent to Enroll form to UIC Office of Admission to ensure you meet the deadline.

Please follow these instruction carefully. When you complete the Intent to Enroll process, you will receive a confirmation number. Please print the confirmation page for your records. If you do not receieve a confirmation number, you have not completed the process.


  1. Activate your netid and password by clicking on the “New User” link.
    Note: Activating your netid and password does not mean you have submitted your Intent to Enroll.
  2. Log into my.uic.edu by clicking on "Login" under "Existing Portal Users"
  3. Click on the "UIC Connect" tab.
  4. On your left hand side there is an Intent to Enroll Portlet.
  5. Click on the "Submit Intent to Enroll Now"
  6. Select "Yes" or "No" and click on submit.
  7. Verify your response and click confirm.
  8. A web page with a confirmation number will be displayed.
  9. Print the confirmation page for your records.
    Note: Within 3 business days, your Intent to Enroll will be processed by the Office of Admissions.
  10. Verify that your Intent to Enroll has been processed by the Office of Admisions by logging into UIC Connect after three business days.

Activate your Netid

Log in to my.uic.edu