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Summer 2017 Preproof
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NOTE: 500 level courses require graduate standing



Location: E403 MSB; Phone: (312) 996-7635.

PCOL            399
         Undergraduate Laboratory Research
       1 TO 4 hours. Meets 12-Jun-17 - 04-Aug-17. Animals used in instruction. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading only. May be repeated. Application of credit toward the degree is contingent upon the approval of the student's college and/or department. Prerequisite(s): Junior standing or above and consent of the instructor.   Departmental Approval Required 

     19726LBDARRANGED-Cho, J 

PCOL            599
         Ph.D. Thesis Research
       0 TO 16 hours. Meets 12-Jun-17 - 04-Aug-17. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading only.    

     12765CNFARRANGED-Bonini, M; Cho, J 
     18817CNFARRANGED-Cho, J 
     20702CNFARRANGED-Cho, J; Dudek, S 
     20705CNFARRANGED-Cho, J; Karginov, A 
     20704CNFARRANGED-Cho, J; Machado, R 
     12755CNFARRANGED-Cho, J; Natarajan, V 
     12751CNFARRANGED-Du, X; Cho, J 
     12752CNFARRANGED-Fukai, M; Cho, J 
     17150CNFARRANGED-Fukai, T; Cho, J 
     19714CNFARRANGED-Garcia, J; Cho, J 
     19454CNFARRANGED-Komarova, Y; Cho, J 
     18935CNFARRANGED-Levitan, I; Cho, J 
     20700CNFARRANGED-Liu, Y; Cho, J 
     12758CNFARRANGED-Malik, A; Cho, J 
     14675CNFARRANGED-Mehta, D; Cho, J 
     14676CNFARRANGED-Minshall, R; Cho, J 
     12757CNFARRANGED-O'Bryan, J; Cho, J 
     20701CNFARRANGED-Rehman, J; Cho, J 
     12764CNFARRANGED-Tiruppathi, C; Cho, J 
     16733CNFARRANGED-Wary, K; Cho, J 
     18818CNFARRANGED-Xu, J; Cho, J 
     17151CNFARRANGED-Zhao, Y; Cho, J