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Summer 2017 Preproof
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NOTE: 500 level courses require graduate standing


Medical Education

Location: 986C CME; Phone: (312) 996-3590.

MHPE            494
         Special Topics in Health Professions Education
       1 TO 4 hours. Meets 15-May-17 - 04-Aug-17. May be repeated with approval. Students may register in more than one section per term. Approval to repeat course granted by the department. Prerequisite(s): Prerequisites may vary by section, depending upon topic.   Departmental Approval Required 

     14582LCDARRANGED-Gelula, M; Settle, J 
            2 hours Emotional Intel in Ldrshp           
     14575LCDARRANGED-Sandlow, L 
            2 hours Adv Program Eval           
     20219LCDARRANGED-Settle, J; Hirshfield, L 
            2 hours Ldrshp & Prof ID           
     20223LCDARRANGED-Settle, J; Juul, D; Park, Y; Harris, I 
            2 hours Assessment Methods           
     14583LCDARRANGED-Settle, J; Park, Y 
            2 hours Intro Quant Data Analysis          Online 
     14581LCDARRANGED-Settle, J; Schwartz, A 
            2 hours Survey Research Mthds           
     20221LCDARRANGED-Tekian, A 
            2 hours Assess ACGME Comp & Milestones           

MHPE            503
         Curriculum Planning and Program Evaluation for Health Professionals
       4 hours. Meets 15-May-17 - 04-Aug-17. Prerequisite(s): Approval of the department.   Departmental Approval Required 

     20646LCDARRANGED-Sandlow, L; Settle, J; Harris, I 

MHPE            532
         Qualitative Methods
       2 hours. Meets 15-May-17 - 04-Aug-17. Prerequisite(s): Graduate or professional standing; and approval of the department.   Departmental Approval Required 

     21510LCDARRANGED-Settle, J; Harris, I; Kamin, C 
            2 hours            

MHPE            596
         Independent Study
       1 TO 4 hours. Meets 15-May-17 - 04-Aug-17.    Departmental Approval Required 

     20408CNFARRANGED-Bordage, G; Settle, J; Harris, I 
     14588CNFARRANGED-Settle, J; Park, Y 
     20407CNFARRANGED-Tekian, A; Settle, J 

MHPE            598
         Thesis Research
       0 TO 16 hours. Meets 15-May-17 - 04-Aug-17. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading only.   Departmental Approval Required 

     14592CNFARRANGED-Settle, J; Harris, I