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NOTE: 500 level courses require graduate standing


International Studies

INST            105
         Global Transformations and the Rise of the West Since 1000
       3 hours. Meets 12-Jun-17 - 04-Aug-17. Same as HIST 105. This class may be taught in an online format. When that is the case, internet access will be required. A high-speed connection is strongly suggested. Please check the online class schedule for online sections.   Past, and World Cultures course.  To be properly registered, students must enroll in one Discussion and one Lecture.

     20687DISADARRANGED-Daly, J 
     20686LECALARRANGED-Daly, J 

INST            221
         Macroeconomics in the World Economy: Theory and Applications
       3 hours. Meets 15-May-17 - 09-Jun-17. Same as ECON 221. Prerequisite(s): ECON 118 and ECON 119; or ECON 120 and ECON 121; and MATH 121.    

     18517LCD09:00 AM-11:55 AMMTRFKarras, G 

INST            333
         International Economics
       3 hours. Meets 15-May-17 - 09-Jun-17. Same as ECON 333. Prerequisite(s): ECON 220 or ECON 221 or INST 221.    

     20217LCD01:00 PM-03:55 PMMTRFPieper, P