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NOTE: 500 level courses require graduate standing


Oral Medicine & Diagnostic Sci

Location: 554 DENT; Phone: (312) 996-7481.

OMDS            503
         Graduate Oral Pathology
       2 hours.  Prerequisite(s): OMDS 424 or the equivalent. Recommended background: Prior academic coursework including biology, histology and other related sciences. Restricted to Dentistry or Graduate College.    

     27200LCDARRANGED-Schwartz, J; Burton, A 

OMDS            623
         Temporomandibular Disorders
       1 hours.  Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading only. Prerequisite(s): Enrollment in a dental postgraduate certificate program in dentistry. Restricted to Dentistry.    

     27875LCDARRANGED-Greene, C; Burton, A